This document establishes the Terms of Service and Licensing Agreement (“TOS) for all of Premium Logics Products and/or Services ("Services").

By using and/or subscribing to any of Premium Logics Products and/or Services, you are agreeing to Premium Logics’s Terms of Service and Licensing Agreement (“TOS”), which supersedes all of your previous representations, understandings or agreements with Premium Logics.

If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of an entity, such as the company you work for, you represent to Premium Logics that you have the legal authority to bind that entity to Premium Logics’s Terms of Service and Licensing Agreement (“TOS”).

Please print this TOS and keep it for your records.


From time-to-time, Premium Logics may make updates to this TOS.

If you have a signed agreement with Premium Logics that references and is attached to a version of Premium Logics TOS that is printed, you are bound by the attached printed version of Premium Logics TOS; otherwise, you are bound by the most recent version of Premium Logics TOS.

If you do not agree to our most recent updates to our TOS when you receive our TOS update notification, please discontinue using our Services.


Model-View-Controller (MVC) is an application architecture system and pattern developed and organized to separate program logic, program action and design, which provide the independent design, development and maintenance of each areas.

Open Source Framework is sets of Open Source Libraries and Tools organized in an architecture system

Development Tools consists of Programming Languages, Databases, Programming Frameworks, Code Libraries, Modules, Application Programming Interface (APIs.)

Common Functions, Classes and Modules are programming functions, programming classes and/or sets of programming functions or programming classes that have common behaviors or operations in building Applications. (For example: uploading photos to a photo library or a contact us form and submission code.)

Customer Data refers to all data including but not limited to personal information, financial information, health information, customer's purchases, customer's billing and shipping information, records, files, materials, reports, forms and other such items that are received, stored, or transmitted using Premium Logics Services.

Confidential Information means all technical, financial and business information of any kind whatsoever including, where appropriate and without limitation, all data, compilations, blueprints, plans, audio and/or video recordings and/or devices, information on computer disks, software, source code, object code, tapes, printouts and other printed, typewritten or handwritten documents, specifications, systems, schemas, methods (including delivery, storage, receipt, transmission, presentation and manufacture of audio, video, informational or other data or content), strategies, business and marketing development plans, customer lists, research projections, processes, techniques, designs, sequences, components, programs, technology, ideas, know-how, improvements, inventions (whether or not patentable or copyrightable), information about operations and maintenance, trade secrets, formulas, models, patent disclosures, information regarding the skills and compensation of Company employees, information concerning the actual or anticipated business, research or development of the Company or its actual or potential customers or partners, information which is or has been generated or received in confidence by or for the Company by or from any person, and any other information as well as any and all tangible and intangible embodiments thereof of any kind whatsoever including, where appropriate and without limitation, all compositions, machinery, apparatus, records, reports, drawings, copyright applications, patent applications, documents and samples, prototypes, models, products, design samples, mock ups, renderings, graphical content, logos, illustrations, branding materials  and the like.

Application refers to a Software Application that runs and is accessed over a network such as Internet or Intranet ("Web Application") and/or a Software Application that is designed to run on smartphones or tablet computers ("Mobile Apps").

Application Main Source Code is the Application Source Code that is considered as the primary Application Source Code and is the code from which all copies will be made.

Entity is a person, department, team, corporation, cooperative, partnership, or other group with whom it is possible to conduct business.

Client, You, Your refers to any person or entity who uses or subscribes to Premium Logics Services.

Premium Logics, We, Us , refers to Premium Logics Corporation.

Description of Work refers to the itemized or detailed list of Service items which is included in the Agreement to be provided by Premium Logics and paid by Client.

Staging Link  Is a fixed link to the development area of the Application. Client can use that link to review the project progress at anytime.

Software Bugs and/or Errors  refers to program bugs, errors and mistakes in design and development including but not limited to Software Bugs, Application Bugs, Software Errors, Design Mistakes, Spelling Errors, Software Interruptions, Database Interruptions, Data Loss.


Premium Logics Services are categorized into the following categories: 

  1. a) Project Based Services are Services provided based on Projects that have a Description of Work and Timeline with a Project initiation date and completion date. The following Services are considered Project Based Services: Custom Web Application Development, Custom Database Software Development, Web Design, Brand Development, eCommerce Software Development, Content Management System (CMS) Development, Mobile App Development, iPhone and/or iPad App Development, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Web Application Consulting, Internet Business Strategy, Project Management Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, Web-based Time Card Software, Social Networking Software, Learning Management Software, Online Ticketing System, Online Reservation System, Online Survey Software, Online Polling Software; Blog Software, Forum Software, Installation, Setup and Customization of Third Party Software, Application Programming Interface (API) Development and/or Implementations, Application Troubleshooting, Application Bug Fixing.
  2. b) Subscription Services are Services provided based on the Description of Work and that it is a continuous Service(s) without an end date. The following Services are considered Subscription Services: Server Colocation Services, Dedicated Server Hosting (Unmanaged), Dedicated Server Hosting (Managed), Managed Server Security Services, Managed Web Application Security Services, Domain Name Services, Shared Hosting Services, Email Services, Internet Access Services, Monthly Search Engine Marketing Services, and Monthly Maintenance and Support Services.
  4. a)Premium Logics Services may be utilized only for lawful purposes. You acknowledge to have the legal rights and lawful authorization to the Materials you are transmitting, hosting and/or submitting to us for design and/or development purposes. Legal rights and lawful authorization includes but is not limited to copyright, trademark, trade secrets, invasion of privacy, harassment, fraud, trafficking in pornographic material, drug dealing, United States federal, state and local laws and regulation.
  5. b)You are responsible for understanding the regulatory requirements applicable to your business or organization and for selecting and using Services that are appropriate for your business or organization in order for you to comply with the applicable requirements.
  6. c)You acknowledge that information stored on your account space and/or storage, or collected by your website and/or mobile app, is your responsibility. You are responsible for understanding the legal responsibilities of hosting, collecting, transmitting, and maintaining security over any information, data, confidential information, customer data, proprietary assets, intellectual property, or other materials stored on your server or website account or collected by your mobile app.
  8. a)If Premium Logics provides Project Based Services, there are installment payments created based on the percentage of project milestones delivered and Description of Work.

The percentage of completed work is evaluated by both parties based on reviewing and comparing the Description of Work to the project progress by reviewing the Staging Link, and adding the percentage of completed work for each module.

Below is a simple example of project cost and installment payments:

Project Cost: $20,000

Example Installments (from Agreement)
$5000  to Commence Work.
$5000 Approximate 35% Project Progress
$5000 Approximate 65% Project Progress
$5000 Completion Payment

Example Modules (from Description of Work)
Module 1: Design (20%)
Module 2: eCommerce Development (30%)
Module 3: CMS Development (30%)
Module 4: Data Migration and Deployment (20%)

Example of Installment Invoices Created:
Week 1 - Commence Work - 1st Installment Invoice is established, billed and paid to start work
Week 3 - Design Completed: 100% (20% of Project)  and eCommerce Progress: 50% (15% of Project)
35% of project is completed - 2nd Installment Invoice is established
Week 5 - eCommerce Completed: 100% (30% of Project)  and CMS Progress: 50% (15% of Project)
65% of project is completed - 3rd Installment Invoice is established
Week 8 - 100% of project is completed - 4th Installment Invoice is established

  1. b)It is Client's responsibility to make sure that the invoices for the Services are paid and Premium Logics has received the funds for the payments.
  2. c)If Client's account becomes past due and/or if Client has past due invoices, Premium Logics has the right to suspend all work and/or Service suntil Premium Logics receives the payment for past due invoice(s) and/or the Client's account becomes current.

The following items are the responsibility of the Client for the successful execution of Client's project and Agreement:

  1. a)If Client discusses and/or communicates feature(s) or function(s) verbally or in writing, it does not necessarily mean that those features are quoted and/or included in the Description of Work and cost as part of the Agreement. This is because there may be items that are missed or misconstrued during the project evaluation discussion or communication. It is the Client's responsibility to fully review the Description of Work and Agreement to make sure that the Description of Work includes all items that Client requires and expects to be in the Agreement.
  2. b)Client can always request to add new features and/or functionality items that was not included as part of the Description of Work to the project and Premium Logics will provide a cost and timeline for the added items.
  3. c)It is the responsibility of Client to make sure that the accurate project details are communicated to Premium Logics. When a request has a brief or vague description, it can be interpreted differently and produce a different project outcome.
  4. d)When a Client does not provide timely feedback to Premium Logics's provided link to the progressed or completed work, does not provide timely response to Premium Logics's questions and/or content and/or material request that are required as part of the project, the project Timeline is extended or becomes void based on the length of time of the delays; consequently, Premium Logics may not be able to provide similar time-frame or provide the work in rush in order to meet Client's required deadline.

The following items are the responsibility of Premium Logics for the successful execution of Client's project and Agreement:

  1. a)Premium Logics will provide a Staging link for Client to view the work in progress and provide periodic updates to the Staging link.
  2. b)Premium Logics will provide a negotiated periodic progress updates (for example, weekly or bi-weekly) with information on completed and/or pending tasks and/or features.
  3. c)Premium Logics will send periodic questions and/or request for content and/or material that are needed as part the project development
  4. d)Premium Logics will provide a reasonable meeting or communications as stated in the Description of Work in order to go over items in question as it relates to Description of Work and the Agreement.
  5. e)At the completion of the project, Premium Logics will provide a support plan / maintenance options and pricing for the new work requests and/or version updates
  7. a) You acknowledge that Premium Logics makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, for Premium Logics Services, including warranty of merchantability or fitness of Premium Logics Services for a particular purpose or use. As a result, you agree that Premium Logics shall not be liable to you or any of your customers, or any third partie(s) for any claims or damages which may be suffered by you or your customers or third parties, including, but not limited to, losses or damages of any and every nature, resulting from any error(s), delays, system outages, missing functionalities and/or features and/or software, the loss of data and/or your customer's data and/or loss of information and/or confidential information, amount of traffic or visits to your site, changes in browser and/or server software which may cause your Website and/or Mobile App to be outdated, inability to access the Internet, and/or inability to transmit or receive information.
  8. b)You agree to indemnify and hold Premium Logics harmless from any and all claims of whatever nature brought by any of your customers against Premium Logics related to any products and/or services provided to you by Premium Logics.
  9. c)Premium Logics makes no warranty of any kind for your business income and/or financial outcome related to your project; therefore, Premium Logics shall not be liable for any claims and/or damages of any nature brought by you.
  10. d)Premium Logics does not promise that Premium Logics Services will be provided without any interruptions, error-free, meet your timeline, fully secure and/or fully matching your expectations and you acknowledge that there are risks involved in using Premium Logics Services which requires Internet connectivity and/or hosting that could result in the loss of data and/or information.
  11. e) You acknowledge that any Application and/or Software Development Project may have Software Bug(s) and/or Error(s) and Premium Logics will not have any other liability except to fix any Software Bug(s) and/or Error(s) at no cost, that are caused by Premium Logics, providing that the Software Bug(s) and/or Error(s) are submitted to Premium Logics by Client in writing during the Warranty Period as described below.
  12. f)You acknowledge that any Project will have a detailed list of items to be worked on and completed, and there may be item(s) that are not completed by error. Premium Logics will not have any other liability except to complete any items that were not completed by Premium Logics, but were included in the Description of Work and were paid by Client.
  13. g) You acknowledge that in the execution of any Project Based Services, there may be circumstances that can delay the Timeline of any Project Based Services, therefore, you agree that Premium Logics shall not be liable to you and/or any third party for any delays to the Project Timeline and/or delivery of your Project.

    Optional Specialized Services - You acknowledge that any Project Based Services may require the advice of specialists consultants in each specialized area for executing the best implementation of your Project. Premium Logics is not obligated to provide Services for all aspects of your Projects including but not limited to specialized services which requires hiring expert consultants.

The following specialized services are sometimes assumed to be part of any project; however, they are separate extended services and unless they are stated and itemized in the Description of Work, they are not part of a typical Premium Logics Agreement:

- Mobile Friendly Website - Content Creation and/or Copy Writing

- Market Research and Analysis
- Usability Research and/or Usability (Focus Group) Testing
- Design, Usability, and/or Brand Consulting
- Technical Consulting
- Technical and/or Development Training
- Search Engine Optimizations and Marketing (SEO/SEM)
- PCI Compliance Scanning and Implementing the Recommended Vulnerabilities Fixes
- Server and/or Web Application Monitoring and Maintenance
- Web Application and/or Mobile App Performance Testing

- Server Hardware and/or Software Performance Testing
- Web Application and/or Mobile App Scaling
- Server Hardware and/or Software Scaling
- Managed Server Security Services and Intrusion Detection Software Installation and Maintenance
- Server Software and Website or Web Application Security Audit, Monitoring and Updates
- Website / Web Application Backup Services or Off site Location Backup Services

  1. i)You are solely responsible for selecting and ordering the appropriate Services for your requirements and your customer's requirements. You are also responsible to select Services or hire a third party consultant to select appropriate Services for you and your customer's needs as it relates to keeping your Customer's Data secure.
  2. j)Any voluntary and/or complementary Services that are provided by Premium Logics are provided AS IS and without any warranty of any kind and/or assumption that the voluntary and/or complementary services were part of a new or special agreement outside the requested work.
  3. k)Premium Logics is not required to be aware of or understand the regulatory requirements applicable to your business or organization and is not responsible to provide you information about your regulatory requirements applicable to your business.
  4. l)The utilization of any data or information received by you or your customers from the utilization of the service to be provided by Premium Logics is at Client and its customer's sole and absolute risk. Premium Logics specifically disclaims and denies any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or quality of information obtained through the services to be provided hereby.
  5. m)Premium Logics is not responsible for bringing traffic or business to Client's Website through Search Engines, or by any other methods or means. Premium Logics does not guarantee that a Website will appear or have any particular ranking or position on any Search Engine.

The maximum amount of damages that Premium Logics would be liable is for the cost of the item(s) and/or Service item(s) that Client has paid for, but did not receive the item(s) and/or Service item(s).

For example:
If Client paid for a list of items and one of the items was not completed or completed incorrectly, the maximum amount of damages that Client can claim is the cost of that one item that was not completed and/or completed incorrectly.

If Client paid for an Application development, the Application will have a list of the items, and the maximum amount of damages that Client can claim is the cost of the item(s) that Client paid for but the items were not completed and/or completed incorrectly.

If Client paid for hosting at $240 per month and there was an Internet outage, or hardware failure, or a security breach for a given month, the maximum cost damages would be $240 or the prorated outage time rate.


If Premium Logics provides development services for your project, below Licensing and Source Code access terms apply:

  1. a)If Client requests to use any third party companies' and/or organizations' Development Tools, Client agrees and is bound by the third party companies' and/or organizations' terms and licensing agreement(s). The third party's terms and licensing agreement(s) are between Client and third parties and they do not apply to Premium Logics. Premium Logics is not liable for providing information, maintaining license terms, and/or acting as the intermediary for any license resolution or issues arising in regard to using any of the requested third party companies' and/or organizations' Development Tools.

Other than item 9. a) i, third party companies' and/or organizations' Development Tools are commonly used in Applications and are provided below AS-IS and as a courtesy. This list is not complete and Client's Application may require using other third party Development Tools.

Premium Logics will be using one or more of the following Development Tools with the following terms and license agreements.

  1. Premium Logics Framework and/or Premium Logics Code Libraries and/or Premium Logics Modules: Premium Logics's License term is described in item 9.b.
  2. Open Source Framework and/or Open Source Code Libraries and/or Open Source Modules: GNU GPL, LGPL, BSD or MIT licensing agreement:

iii.    Google APIs Terms of Service:

  1. Yahoo APIs Terms of Service:
  2. Microsoft Bing Maps Platform API:
  3. Facebook API Terms (Facebook Platform Policies):

vii.    Twitter API Terms:

viii.    Google Play Terms of Service:

  1. Apple iOS Terms:
  2. net Terms:
  3. PayPal Terms:
  4. b)Premium Logics License Terms: Premium Logics Framework and Libraries have the following Flexible License use:

    Client can download, use, and modify the Application Main Source Code

  5. Client can use other developer(s) to modify the Application Main Source Code

    Client can host the Application at other hosting company(s)

  6. Client can transfer the license to use Premium Logics Framework and Libraries to any third party that agrees to the same Licensing agreement by providing a written notice to Premium Logics of the license transfer

Premium Logics uses Web Application Framework(s), Mobile App Development Framework(s), JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks, Development Platforms, Programming Languages, Markup Languages and Style Sheets, and uses the versions of the above technologies that are widely available and current at the time of project development. Since software, web browsers, platforms, frameworks, mobile platforms, mobile technologies, and screen resolutions change periodically and unpredictably, Premium Logics can only guarantee the project to be compatible for the platform(s) that were relevant at the time of development.


"Warranty Period" and/or "Beta Launch Period"  is a period of 30 days from the project completion date, unless Premium Logics and Client have a written agreement with a different duration for  the "Warranty Period" and/or "Beta Launch Period."

Premium Logics will fix any Software Bugs and/or Errors that are developed and/or caused by Premium Logics during the Warranty Period at no cost to the Client. After the Warranty Period, Premium Logics and Client can negotiate a cost or Client can purchase a Maintenance Plan from Premium Logics for any Software Bugs and/or Errors and/or updates and/or changes to the Client's Project.

If the project source code was developed by another programmer and/or company, Premium Logics will not provide any warranty of any kind on Application and/or the source code, and all troubleshooting and/or repairs and/or updates to the Application and/or source code will be charged hourly based on our Maintenance Plan.

During the Warranty Period, it is recommended that the Client fully review and test the Application and submit any Software Bug(s) and/or Error(s) to Premium Logics via Premium Logics's Online Project Management System or via Email in order for Premium Logics to fix the Software Bug(s) and/or Error(s).

Functionalities that were assumed to be part of the project and were not included in the Description of Work, and/or incorrect use of the Application feature(s) and/or Interfaces by Client or its customer(s), are not considered Software Bug(s) and/or Errors.

If Client and/or any third party accesses the Application Main Source Code and/or relocates the Application Main Source Code and/or the database to another server, the Warranty becomes void.


Projects are designed and developed based on progress milestones. Premium Logics provides periodic progress reports and Client reviews the progress and provides feedback or information.

Client can request periodic meetings, agreed by both parties, via phone, conference call or in person (at Premium Logics” s office) to stay pro-active in the design and development project and to discuss and keep track of the project progress and Timeline.

During each progress meeting, Client and Premium Logics will discuss the Timeline and if the progress is behind schedule because of unforeseen circumstances, or newly discovered programming matters, outside the control of Premium Logics, or a delay in content delivery from Client, a new Timeline will be negotiated between the parties.

If Client does not provide timely response and/or feedback to Premium Logics's request for information, content, questions, and/or feedback request(s), the Client Project's Timeline will be extended based on the number of days that were delayed in Client's feedback and/or response. (Typical timely response is within 3 business days).

If Client revises or adds functionalities or design outside the project scope, a new project cost and Timeline will be negotiated between the parties.

If Client's account becomes past due and/or if Client has past due invoices, the Client Project's Timeline will be extended based on the number of days that Client's account is past due and the availability of Premium Logics's staff resources when the Client's account becomes current.


Unless Client and Premium Logics have a written signed agreement that guarantees certain hourly rate(s) or subscription service rate(s) for a fixed period, Premium Logics can change its hourly rate(s) and/or subscription service(s) rate(s) by providing a 60 days notice via Email or through Premium Logics Project Management System.

If you have any material(s) from Premium Logics with advertised rate(s) that are older than 60 days, the advertised rate(s) may be outdated and are subject to change.


Unless Client and Premium Logics have an agreed Timeline or a written signed agreement for Premium Logics to set aside a fixed number of hours for a fixed period of time, Premium Logics does not guarantee availability for any allocated hours of work for any of Client's work requests and/or inquiries.

  2. a) Client can cancel the Project at anytime; however, Premium Logics will be entitled to the cost of the following items:
  • The work that is completed by Premium Logics prior to the cancellation.
  • Other costs that are incurred by Premium Logics from Client's request(s) such as third party software or other licenses or subscriptions or purchases for Client prior to the cancellation.
  • Premium Logics’s Consultation, Communications, Wireframing and Revision services provided prior to the cancellation date.
  1. b)Premium Logics can cancel any Project Based Services at anytime based on the following items:
  • If Client does not agree and/or violates Premium Logics's Terms of Service (TOS).
  • Client's account becomes past due and Client does not make any effort to catch up with payments.
  • If Client abandons the project and does not resume the Project for more than four months.
  1. c)Unless Client and Premium Logics have a signed written agreement that includes a term period, Client and/or Premium Logics can cancel any Subscription Services by providing a 30 days written notice to either party without any reason.
  2. d)If Client knowingly uses Premium Logics Network to send Spam Emails, Host Content that violates Third Party's Intellectual Property, Host Offensive Content including but not limited to Adult Content, Racist Content, Controversial Content which can create mass retaliation or action(s) from users that can overwhelm Premium Logics's Network, Premium Logics has the right to disconnect Client's Services with Premium Logics and terminate Client's account and Services with Premium Logics immediately.
  3. e)If Client unknowingly causes any network abuse issue(s) for Premium Logics including but not limited to using Premium Logics Network and/or Servers to send Spam Emails and/or to host malwave and/or spyware or virus and/or host a site that fraudulently collects confidential information, and/or host fraudulent content and/or causes Premium Logics's network become a target of any attack(s), Premium Logics has the right to charge Client hourly for spending resources dealing with the network abuse issue(s) by Client and disconnect Client's Services with Premium Logics immediately and not turn it back on until Client resolves the network abuse issue(s) and is no longer abusing Premium Logics's network.

If Client unknowingly continues to cause network abuses issue(s) for Premium Logics for more than three times, Premium Logics has the right to charge Client hourly for spending resources dealing with the network abuse issue(s) by Client and Premium Logics can terminate Client's Services permanently with Premium Logics once the network abuses issue(s) caused by Client reaches the fourth times.

  1. f)If Premium Logics discovers that Client is running outdated software and/or hosting scripts that can cause security and/or network abuse issue(s), and if Premium Logics alerts Client about Client's outdated software and/or hosted scripts with security vulnerabilitie(s), and if Client does not resolve the outdated software and/or hosted scripts with security vulnerabilitie(s) issue within 30 days, Premium Logics has the right to terminate Client's Services and account after 30 days from Premium Logics's alert email.

Premium Logics will not disclose Client’s provided project information including but not limited to Client’s project planning, Client’s project strategies, Client’s project business processes, Client’s project technical processes, Client’s project blueprints, Client’s project specifications, Client’s project wireframing, Client’s project detail or summary, Client’s customers, vendors and/or user information with any person outside of Premium Logics’s owners, employees and/or directors unless Client’s provided information becomes public domain or the provided information has been in the possession of Premium Logics prior to Client’s disclosure and can be verified through Premium Logics’s documentation.

Client will not disclose Premium Logics’s provided information including but not limited to: Premium Logics’s provided quote, Premium Logics’s provided functional specifications, Premium Logics’s processes, Premium Logics’s development technology and approaches, Premium Logics’s provided advise with any person outside of Client, owners, employees, and/or directors unless Premium Logics’s provided project information becomes public domain.

  2. a)Improper Uses - Client will avoid violation of certain generally accepted guidelines on Internet usage such as restrictions on mass mailings and mass advertisements, pirating or copying of software, mail bombing or other methods of attempting to deny service or access to other users, and attempts to violate security, including but not limited to attempting without authorization to enter into a secured computer system. Premium Logics strictly prohibits Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), also known as "Spam." This includes using Premium Logics's network to distribute unsolicited bulk email from Client's Website or Application on Premium Logics's Servers or using any outside network to send bulk email from Client's Website on Premium Logics Servers. Premium Logics reserves the right to determine what constitutes improper use.
  3. b)Discretion and Judgment - Client is expected to use discretion in the treatment and handling of Internet information and data and to take particular care to insure that adult information is not transmitted to juvenile users of the Internet.
  4. c)Misuse of System Resources - Client is not allowed to employ posts or programs which consume excessive CPU time or storage space; permitting use of mail services, mail forwarding capabilities, POP accounts, or auto-responders other than for the Client's own account; resale of access to CGI scripts installed on Premium Logics's Servers; or attempting to use a single customer account for third party Websites by allowing more than one domain pointer to be used to reference pages within the Client's Website.

You agree that in the event a dispute arises concerning Premium Logics Services, that such dispute shall be resolved via an arbitration process. Unless the parties specifically agree otherwise in writing, such arbitration shall be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association.


In the event that any provision of this agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, then the remaining provisions of this agreement which it evidences, shall remain in full force and effect.